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Our goal is to supply you with the bikes, parts, and technical support that you require as a motorcycle racer / competitor. We have put together a diverse team to ensure that you receive the best service you require.
To that end this web site will be your portal to direct contact when you need it. We will make changes to the site often in an effort to provide you with the parts, tools and support necessary. We are open to your suggestions and comments that will allow us to serve you better.


                                                          It all started way back in 1976 with two friends who had a great love in common:                                                               motorcycles and racing. Thanks to the excellent quality became a force to be                                                                   reckoned with.
                                                          The company was founded by Claudio
                                                          Flenghi and Francesco Battistelli, who
                                                          registered the name TM (from the initials of
                                                          their sons Thomas and Mirko). In 1977, a bike
                                                          was entrusted to Gastone Serafini, who was
                                                          to be a determining figure in helping
                                                          Battistelli develop the bike and who would
                                                          go on to achieve competition results on the
                                                          highest level.
In 1982 Battistelli decided to leave TM and Gastone Serafini became his replacement. Serafini had reached the end of his professional racing career, and joined Flenghi full time in running the company.
The philosophy that has always distinguished TM is without a doubt the choice of
materials, which must be of the highest quality, the performance of the engines
used on the standard bikes, which in many cases are far superior to those of the
most prestigious competitors. This justifies the price of these jewels of engineering
that appeal to a niche market made up of very demanding customers. They can in
fact purchase a standard product with which to race in high level competition.
TM Racing makes great bikes, but they are definitely not for everybody. There are,
however, a couple of groups who TM Racing really fills a need for . . .the
perfectionist.  Want a production bike ready to race?  TM Racing Motorcycles offer motocrosssupermotoenduro and flat track bikes ready to race: with
                                                                                 championships in all series to prove it!   Looking for a                                                                                                                powerful off road enduro? Check out the TM Racing EN 300 or                                                                                              for motocross try the TM Racing 250 MX.
                                                                                 Two Stroke lovers looking for a frequently updated modern two                                                                                            stroke dirt bike. Two stroke motocross models they offer are                                                                                                    available in many different sizes - 85cc,  125cc144cc250cc & 300cc.                                                                                  They offer Enduro models 125cc through 300cc. If you’re looking to                                                                                      buy a brand new 300cc motocross bike from a factory, the TM MX                                                                                        300 is your only option.
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