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MXGP Indonesia: Podium!

Fantastic weekend for Tm Factory team winning the first podium of the season and the first race win for Samuele Bernardini in MX2.

Gp Indonesia begins with many questions because of the weather that could make it impractical to track and so it was.

On the first day the heavy rains fall during the night they turned the track into a swamp, the leadership race has decided to only play the free practice and then delete the entire program.

Samuele Bernardini turned in his turn without making mistakes and not to endanger the whole weekend, the free trials that are availed for deployment at the gate saw Samuel with the sixteenth time.

Fortunately on Sunday morning the paddock awoke in the sun and this foreshadowed the smooth running of the race.

In race 1 Samuel was fantastic at the start and the first corner he was in second position, unfortunately when the “Berne” was firmly in third place the rupture of the rear brake forced him to raise the pace but thanks to his stubbornness has He ended his race in eighth place.

A few minutes from the start of race 2 an equatorial thunderstorm broke loose on the track, the race direction decided to start the race too and in these extreme conditions Samuel was a phenomenon.

Goes on when the gate has staged the perfect start and immediately took the lead.

Samuele Bernardini takes home his first career win in MX2 and second overall of the GP.

Marco Ricciardi Team Manager commented on the race: “Finally came the victory, I believe it and I’ve always believed it, both in terms of Tm which is the bike to stay ahead and Samuel, the winter is past injury-free, Bernardini and the team have worked really hard, both on the track in the company. Gastone Serafini has made great sacrifices to bring all the evolutionary step that we had. Too bad that in the first round due to a broken rear brake could not keep the pace of the leaders, but thanks to his tenacity has brought home a result that with the victory earned him second place. I would like to thank all the guys in the company and also my family.”

Bernardini drove in fantastic manner was not spared took an incredible advantage and even when he could administer did not give up.
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